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Artis Trading was born in Spain as a company engaged in exporting various construction, industrial and mining products to North and Central African countries and offers not only purchasing, distribution and logistics services but also consulting services to companies wishing to enter that area. Over the years, our organization has developed strong links with companies in Mauritania, as well as in other countries such as Morocco, Senegal and Mali.

Our most important clients are companies in North and Central Africa, which trust in our experience and in a full purchasing, distribution and logistics service that exports a broad catalogue of work equipment and machinery:

- we offer broad experience in the construction, industrial and mining fields because Artis Trading is part of Artis Group, a company that encompasses several companies engaged in activities within these  sectors;

- we provide you with our relationships with important suppliers in Spain and the rest of Europe, all with outstanding quality and international presence, with whom we have been working for many years in our country and now distributing to other countries;

- we offer the possibility to use our distribution and logistics channels in these North and Central African countries, with transport services of all types of products to anywhere in the region;

- thanks to our contacts in these countries, we can also provide specialised consulting services to companies interested in conducting business and/or establishing in North and Central Africa, by providing you with our collaborators’ services for all formalities required to conduct all types of activities in the region to ensure that your establishment process in the country does not incur setbacks and to control costs and optimum set-up times.


Artis Trading

We specialize in exporting all types of construction, industrial and mining equipment and machinery to North and Central Africa (MauritaniaMoroccoSenegal or Mali), as well as providing consultation to companies wishing establish branches in these countries.