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Export products from Artis Trading

The main products we export to North and Central African countries (MauritaniaMoroccoSenegal or Mali) belong to the construction, industrial and mining sectors.

1.- Safety clothing and equipment (work attire and personal protection equipment)
2.- Industrial valves (all types of industrial valves for installations related to the construction sector)
3.- Site offices (rental and sale of site offices, changing rooms and offices, etc.)
4.- Electrical generators (petrol, diesel, electrical generators, etc.)
5.- Hand tools (screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, etc.)
6.- Fire extinguishers (dry-powder, CO2 extinguishers, carts and other accessories)

Safety clothing and equipment from Artis Trading
Industrial valves from Artis Trading Site offices from Artis Trading
Electrical generators from Artis Trading Hand tools from Artis Trading Fire extinguishers from Artis Trading

Artis Trading

We specialize in exporting all types of construction, industrial and mining equipment and machinery to North and Central Africa (MauritaniaMoroccoSenegal or Mali), as well as providing consultation to companies wishing establish branches in these countries.